In 1999 I started painting. In the beginning it was a hobby, my profession was mathematic teacher. in 2006 I became a full-time artist.

When I made my first painting, I knew it had to be colorful and cheerful. I tried different techniques but I discovered fairy quickly an own style.

I make paintings and sculptures. The subjects of my artwork are mostly animals: abstract but recognazible and full of own caractaristic. My sculptures are made of resin and they are suitable for outdoor placement.

It is clear from my art my love of animals and bright colors.I get my inspiration from everywhere but mainly from nature. My paintings and sculptures are not realistic, both the image as the use of colour is extreme. As I look around in nature, however, I see much more extreme things. Flowers or certain animals such as fish have sometimes such a separate form and color that I would themselves can not come up with. How I use my imagination, I will never be able to outperform the nature, and a good thing too, because where am I supposed to get my inspiration?